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thedarkheart00 By thedarkheart00 Updated Aug 09

"Tall, lean, and tatted head to toe. With a black and red motorcycle that he drove with a slick black leather jacket on. You could say that he was the perfect bad boy. 

Yet under all those tattoos and leather was a man with the biggest heart" 

My pants get tighter and my heart starts racing as I imagine her under me screaming and begging.

I groan as I watch her yet again.

One day she will be mine and one day she will be begging me to take her.

Maybe not today or tomorrow but one day.

*Warning: will include sexual scenes, crude language, and violence you have been warned!!!!!!

I like the start of this book. Thank you for allowing me to read it
zrice123 zrice123 May 05
Damn dale,you brought the black outta her!
                              *don't get all butt hurt about this comment,either.please and thank you.*
Why slant the convo words? We can already tell that she's talking.
jal2020 jal2020 May 10
Omg!! I CAN'T EVEN!!! Jackbutt!!!😂😂😂😂 I'm DYING! 😲😲😲
You go girl beat his ass.grabbed that chocolate muffin and smash it on his face!!
I would not be able to take this argument seriously if I was him anymore after she said "skedaddle"