Bold 〈 2Jae 〉

Bold 〈 2Jae 〉

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❝I hate you Im Jaebum.❞

bold (adjective) : (of a person, action, or idea) showing an ability to take risks; confident and courageous 

ー In where Youngjae has enough of Jaebum bullshit.


I read this when I didn't know who got 7 were I have to reread it noe
Ring ding dong ring ding dong ri ri ring ring ring ring ring ding dong
but it's certainly not youngjae's fault, like jabeum is the one who messed with him in the first place--
Cutiepiekai Cutiepiekai May 22
I legit just finished reading and now I will re read and hopefully a sequel comes out because ain't no way you can leave us hanging like that.
i thought that said "fantastic elastic" and i shouted rING dINg DONg -dabs;
As I read the comments, Yugyeom's age was getting lower and lower 😂