Bold 〈 2Jae 〉

Bold 〈 2Jae 〉

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❝I hate you Im Jaebum.❞

bold (adjective) : (of a person, action, or idea) showing an ability to take risks; confident and courageous 

ー In where Youngjae has enough of Jaebum bullshit.


-creamytae -creamytae Jul 07
Yugyeom you dont ask someone if they're okay if they are obviously showing physical signs of pain
brucelaine brucelaine Jun 01
I love reading Bold over and over and over again. Never gets old.
Jaebongiz Jaebongiz Aug 03
And I would of snatched the hair off his head.
                              Fight me Jaebutt
mehisdabest mehisdabest Jul 19
Same except add watching a lot of got7 videos, lives, as well as fanfics