How To Write a Love Story Book 1

How To Write a Love Story Book 1

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Of course I'm going to bump into a guy and fall hopelessly in love but also hopelessly on my butt.


Okay not about the hopelessly in love part and maybe me falling on my butt.

But that's how it's suppose to go. Well I know but that's not how my true love story went. Not at all. You want to know how it went?

"Fairy." Ralph said pushing me against a locker.

Oh look a handsome guy is here to save me! 


Jasper glances and walks away.
I feel my heart shatter and I look down. 

Once again nobody is here to save me.

Hi, Blaise. 
I'm fourteen and I'm gay.

Welcome to my sweet eighth grade life.

~ By story might be rewritten, meaning the whole story. All the books fyi lol

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multifuturecanons multifuturecanons Jul 13, 2017
While everyone is taking about tones, to ,no , or and whateveros I have no idea cause I don't take choir XD
Fallen_Phoenix Fallen_Phoenix Dec 21, 2017
How is that possible. What if the last student comes in at 7:55. Are you still going to mark them as late.
When you're that one person who's school doesn't have a choir...
imnotcool10 imnotcool10 Feb 24
But, what if everyone walked in at the same time, it everyone was early
I’m a bass!!! And I️ guy. Tenor is too uncomfortable for me to sing, but I’m working on I️t. Alto and Soprano I️ can sing using head voice.
imnotcool10 imnotcool10 Feb 24
Well, the IQ level in the room just dropped dramatically this is a mystery that baffles everyone as to how that has happened when someone asked to borrow a pencil