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Grillby X Reader {Lemon}

Grillby X Reader {Lemon}

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ShadowDemon2333 By ShadowDemon2333 Updated Apr 13, 2016

Snowdin, a nice and humble town. You would visit her often, mostly to go to Grillby's or to see the skelebros.
This town made you feel safe, unlike your hometown, in which you came from.

{Flashback start}
You were running fast, faster than you've ever gone before. Tears streaming down your face, the first time you have cried for many years. It took a lot to make you do that. 
Desperately, you were trying to run away from your abusive father. This time he was in a drunken rage. All would have been fine, but he took it too far when he started to do things to you that you didn't like. So you stood up for yourself and hit him across the face with a baseball bat that you kept with you. 
You ran for the dense forest that surrounded mount ebott remembering the tales told around here that if someone was to travel to mount ebott, they wouldn't return.
You kept running knowing that your father was tailing behind you. Thankfully he was drunk, so it was somewhat hard for him to keep up with you. ...

I believe I can fly!! *falls to the underground* oof! Goat mom!! Here I come!!
*gotta go fast intensifies* *at hole in mt. Ebott* *I believe I can fly intensifies*
Snuffkin1st Snuffkin1st Dec 29, 2016
Nice story better than most lemons I have seen,(though not wanted to see so I don't see many)
Emma_and_Alex Emma_and_Alex Nov 02, 2016
Im going to say it again, Grillby. U have. The best ass. Ive ever seen.
Friskpun Friskpun Jun 25, 2016
Me: holy fu-
                              *Grillby tackles you*
                              Grillby: awww hows my baby been doing?
                              Me:* death stare* get the Frick off* turns into genocide chara*
                              *Grillby runs like their s no tomorrow
                              (Ok I am done with this s@$% I am just done this is beatified piece of art)😍
LonlyDemonic LonlyDemonic Jun 28, 2016
BTW I am replacing normal Grillby with Underfell Grillby o.... ya, just o I may or may not read in a bit more.