Why Bother Anymore? {Part 1}

Why Bother Anymore? {Part 1}

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lucayaloverr By lucayaloverr Updated Jan 23, 2016

No one likes Maya. Not Riley. Not Farkle. Not Lucas. She wants to die. Her dad left. Her mom is never around anymore. She basically has no friends. Everyone laughs behind her back. Will someone change? Or will they change for the better or worse?

Inspired by Wavyworld's "Breathless Days" 
One of my favorite stories ever (not a story anymore)
Lol but literally whenever I was bored I used to read the whole thing. Btw, the cover has nothing to do with the story lol.

This is a LUCAYA story

Enjoy the story!

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beyon_perfection beyon_perfection Jun 08, 2018
As much as I hate Riley. She would NEVER in milleana leave maya.
BonnibelVelazquez BonnibelVelazquez Dec 20, 2017
wow the first chapter is soooo emotional quote from Gil Meets Ski Lodge Part 1 or 2 "see this is why i wish to have a smoothie right now"
                              this chapter is my/was my life
yassmanashh yassmanashh Jan 08, 2018
Can't you just say their age because us brits don't understand
lish_writer lish_writer Jan 31, 2016
                              I loved 'breathless days'💝❤️💝❤️
                              Can't wait to read this!
xxreneeee xxreneeee Jul 18, 2016
YASSSS he cracks me up when he talk about how Riley pisses him off😂😂
themboys_magcon themboys_magcon Jun 16, 2016
And there goes Matthews. Telling a lesson about their lives 😂