Troyler | Smut One-Shots

Troyler | Smut One-Shots

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- Smokey Quartz - By SmokeyQuartz Updated Jul 12, 2016

This is mostly Troye as Dom/and/or Top, because there isn't enough of that in the fandom. 

Basically I believe that both Troye and Tyler  would be Switches, being just a Dominant or just a Submissive wouldn't appeal to them, but they have the roles they prefer. Kind of like having two meals you love the fūck out of; one you'd rather eat all of the time, and one you'd rather have on occasion just to change things up (that's how I would describe being a switch with a preference to anyone). 

| Kinks and other warnings : 

•  Katoptronophillia (watching yourself have sex or masturbate in the reflections of mirrors) 

•  Breath play
•  Haematophilia (aka Haematolagnia- BLOOD PLAY) : my FAVE THING 

•  "Daddy" 

•  Cross-dressing 

•  Exhibitionism 

•  BDSM (yay!) 

•  Consensual unprotected sex (aka "breeding" as some gay porn sites call it, which I find a little bit ironic when the men involved are cis) 

•  Bondage 

•  Student/Teacher ("Student" character will OF COURSE be of consenting age for the country in which the one-shot is set) 

•  idk if there's a term for this but basically just really angry brutal sex where the two people hate each other and treat each other like shit, but, like consensually 

•  Hitting (consensual, though consent isn't always verbally given, the idea is that in all of the stories Troye and Ty know each other well enough sexually that they don't always need verbal consent for every little action) 

• Prostitution 

-all stories are independent from one another (unless stated otherwise) and are all AU's. No two stories are set in the real world nor with either boy's real life situations, and no two stories are intentionally connected (unless, as aforementioned, explicitly stated otherwise).

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messymessymess messymessymess Apr 19, 2016
I'm soooo glad u know your stuff - there's so many fics that give such a false representation of bdsm and make it seem way different to what it actually is and it's obvious they've never researched and are just assuming and going by what others have said u know???? (not @ anyone in particular btw)
GoldPetals GoldPetals May 25, 2016
I just died. I agree with @RythmXX . I prefer Dom Troye a lot more than Dom Tyler.
Chibiipie Chibiipie Jun 04, 2016
🎶Then I squeeze your booty real hard like I'm kneading dough🎶
ugh_itsmia ugh_itsmia Sep 07, 2016
we're just jumping right in aren't we
                              i was not ready😂😂
IAmMyEnemy IAmMyEnemy Oct 02, 2016
I found out the best music to listen to while reading smut is Adam Lambert's for your entertainment album
favtroyler favtroyler Aug 28, 2016
Okay this fanfic is probably gonna be a new favorite it's soy good