frills ♡ lrh

frills ♡ lrh

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❝ "Daddy," He whispered lowly in her ear,"I want you to call me Daddy." ❞

A story in which a 35 year old man becomes sexually infatuated with his 15 year old adoptive daughter. 

WARNING! This story will contain underage sex, daddykink, drug usage (maybe), abuse, an agegap of 20 years and some explicit language.

(I have stated many times in numerous author's notes that this story is incredibly slow moving and that smut will not appear until MUCH later on so pLEASE don't ask when Luke and the main girl will fuck, because if you even bothered to read the side notes, you'd have an idea. I'm tired of seeing these sorts of comments and I really don't want to sound like a total bitch, but at this point, it's starting to get really fucking annoying. If you can't be patient enough with this story, then just go and read another one. There are plenty of other super smutty, fast-paced daddy kink fanfics on this site for you to not get bored or impatient with, so spare yourself the displeasure of waiting like sixty chapters and read those ones instead. Thanks.)



kitti_hemmo kitti_hemmo Jul 27
I've only read the side notes but I already love your writing😂
lolita is my favourite holy crap ive read it like 15 thousand times
Harry_Cx Harry_Cx Oct 03
Harry_Cx Harry_Cx Oct 03
This feels like when you are on a roller coaster and it just started moving and you're nervous about the fall
Sooo can we just ignore this and imagine her as being 15 or do you want her age to be changed as well not just wattpad?
I love long stories, I go through books so quickly that it's great for something of substance to hold onto for a bit longer