My friends the Shadows (Book One From The Shadow Series)

My friends the Shadows (Book One From The Shadow Series)

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Panda-chan🐼 By RandomOverwatchtrash Updated Jul 19

When Lisanna comes back from the so called "dead",everything changes for lucy.Her friends all ignore her , but a few well dear friends.

Soon everything goes downhill,lucy feels like something or someone is watching her.She soon found herself letting the shadows take over her.She lets them in her mind
they make her feel even worse causing her to move further into the shadow. She soon uses long sleeve clothing and pants,always in the shadows.She soon gave in.

NOW HER BODY REST ON THE DARKNESS IN HER HOUSE NOT DARING TO COME OUT.Her personality changes too,she doesn't smile or go to jobs anymore.She also never uses her keys.

Natsu soon takes notice and decides to check it out.What he find scares him,and wanting to help his Nakama.

  • fairytail
  • paranormal
  • rolu
  • sadness
  • underworld
KuzuVsFuyu KuzuVsFuyu Apr 09
Just calm down Lucy, I know you don't know but she was a lost nakama so it makes sense for him to do that. Give him time
nerd_alert2 nerd_alert2 Aug 10, 2016
I love it it's just a little bit of grammer mistakes other than that it's really good
Ren12319 Ren12319 Jul 20, 2016
                              "Set everything on fire..."
                              "Shut up, mind voice."
                              "You know you want to."
                              "I said, shut up!"