Homewrecker▽ Teen Wolf

Homewrecker▽ Teen Wolf

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l. By raekenbooty Updated Mar 05, 2016

Elena Gilbert, golden girl. Everyone knows that she and Lydia Martin are basically personality twins. She's popular and beautiful and just happens to be Lydia Martin's cousin. When her parents die she moves in with her cousin and starts living with Lydia. 

What happens when she gets introduced to supernatural creatures? How will she react? And was her parents death on purpose?


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AccioHufflepunk AccioHufflepunk Jul 13, 2016
Hi! Ik these are annoying but could you please check out my Peter Parked short story it would mean a lot thank you 😊💛
I love the idea and all. I ship her with Derek! You don't get many Derek/Elena stories...
bmroque bmroque Dec 24, 2015
Quite a different Elena. This one is made out to be more dolled up and materialistic but perhaps the superficiality is used to cover up pain and depth? I'm just sad that, well, she acts so oblivious and tactless to others.