Gray Fullbuster x Reader- As We Fought On

Gray Fullbuster x Reader- As We Fought On

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Elleira_Siren By Elleira_Siren Completed

After leaving Blue Pegasus, you quickly join the Fairy Tail guild. There, one particular man catches your eye: Gray Fullbuster, a beautiful Ice Mage. 
But the thing is, you two simply can't stop fighting and arguing. 
Will your participation to the Grand Magic Games change the situation?
Or will it be Lucy's desire and plans to see you two get together?

--> In this one-shot, choose your own style of magic and enjoy the story!

I do not own Fairy Tail or Gray Fullbuster or anyone except the "readers" and the story line.

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That's always what I think in school! I don't care if I get beaten up!! I WILL SURPASS THOSE MORONIC IDIOTS!!! (*hint* boys)
*Wins fights by pulling out weave,and messing up edge  ups* @Chi-aballofenergy
What?! I pinch myself REALLY, REALLY, REALLY HARD and it never hurts!! I don't even wince, cringe or anything! How pathetic!
- - Jul 26, 2016
Oh no! We're going to face the mighty wrath of freed(!) 😏😂
-psychological -psychological Nov 03, 2016
                              I DONT CARE WHAT ELEMENT AS LONG AS I AM A DRAGON SLAYER!!!!
                              Or maybe arc of time. It seems really cool
iloveTheFlashandouat iloveTheFlashandouat Dec 28, 2016
Why do I feel like I have a weak team 
                              But I do have natsu and Ezra