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The pervert (jelsa)

The pervert (jelsa)

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CharniqueM By CharniqueM Updated Dec 17, 2015

Jack is a normal teenaged boy, hormones running around his body, sexual desire filling his every need. 
Granted he never wanted anybody, anybody but Elsa Arendelle.

Elsa was that confident, yet shy, beautiful yet insecure.
Curvy yet hid it.
What would happen if Jack took more than just the necessary look at her and it sent the desire, need and want coming from him.

She couldn't help herself.
Jack Frost wanted Elsa, and he was going to get her.

*lemon, maybe smut. just warning*

jelsaloover jelsaloover Jan 09
*whispers in his ear* I'll entertain you 
Please update! I freakin' love it, seriously I love those kind of stories! 😍😍
_SuperWolf _SuperWolf Jan 15
I need an Update of Elsa and Jack ACTUALLY getting together....!
Jelsa__Anime Jelsa__Anime Dec 27, 2016
Jack just ask her why does she cover up when she has such a nice shape
Addict_with_FanFic Addict_with_FanFic Dec 22, 2016
Could you let Elsa and Jack still have their ice powers in here please? If anyone else agrees I encourage you to also comment down below so they could see it. Thanks. <3
ElsaFrost292 ElsaFrost292 Dec 31, 2016
Wow, Elsa don't get horny or you'll mess up my good name😂😂😂😂😂 and jack you should know better what if that was 5 yr old and not Elsa and Anna,hm?. All I have to say is this book is boss update!