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Ro Ackerman By fangirlshipper0615 Updated Nov 02

Just another Starco fanfiction written by another fangirl. And this is my very first story to write!

Everything happened after the blood moon ball all the fun times, the realization, the awkwardness, the jealousy towards each other and many more other moments they have.

But would they finally embrace the feelings they have towards each other?

Ashle4 Ashle4 Sep 12
Inner Fangirl: Oh my-*holds up guitar*
                              The mature aide of me: Please don't.
                              Inner Fangirl: *breaks guitar over head* 
                              Mature me: *rubs between eyes*
And now Starlight Glimmer is in a disguise as Star and Star is in a disguise as Starlight Glimmer. Starlight Glimmer is at Star VS The Forces of Evil World and Star is at the MLP World.
Tom's name was so important that you must capitalize it in ever sentence even if it doesn't pertain to the story
Pufflea12 Pufflea12 Oct 08
The power of STARCO compels you dear Marco. Now no magical babies until your atlest 18. Got it
                              (Marco)(blushing) ok
Winnowing Winnowing Sep 16
Because you're apart of the socially awkward group of brunette cartoon guys that are strangely intelligent and super great
Ashle4 Ashle4 Sep 12
What the-oh my God! These Star words are making my head boggle! XD