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hello, i'm miaミ☆ By youtubenightss Completed

simon minter, the baddest boy in school. with his brooding, classically handsome face and signature smirk- every girl wants to be with him and every boy wants to be him. 

willow was sweet, innocent and she stood for what was right. never in a thousand years would she fall for the reckless type.

she was everything he was not,
and they fell in love.

Awww if anyone wants to talk im always here. I don't have a social life lol!!
MariLizzi MariLizzi Sep 01
I swear my Spotify playlist is reading this book too it literally just changed to colours😂😂
MariLizzi MariLizzi Sep 01
normal people would probably be freaked out but US FANGIRLS ARE OVER HERE FAINTING AND I JUST CANT
MariLizzi MariLizzi Sep 01
Does anyone think of that time in a video and he goes "hi, I'm Josh" AND EVERY SINGLE TIME I DIE
Welcome to westminiminter preparatory boarding school, Sharpay Evans.
Tobi-Jizzle Tobi-Jizzle Aug 20
Will? I didn't know you were in this story! Why didn't you tell me you silly billy! *pinches his cheeks*