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· The Billionaire's Maid ·

· The Billionaire's Maid ·

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MJ By MJ_Williams Updated Sep 16, 2016

· The Billionaire's Maid ·
Romance | Dark | Sexy | Erotic | Humour

A hot, steamy romance novel.

Kaley Fox is a young woman, stuck in a dead-end job with her career going nowhere and her relationship with boyfriend isn't going anywhere. Sometimes she has this urge to change her life. Just something... And her prayers are answered when she walks in on her boyfriend and best friend in bed together. Kaley decides this is an opportunity and takes a train to middle of nowhere. Just when she thinks her plan is stupid, she ends up at a stranger's house to ask for directions for the nearest hotel when the handsome stranger thinks Kaley is here for the interview for the position of his live-in maid. The stranger's name is Nathan Emerson. Tall, dark and very handsome Billionaire. Still devastated over her relationship with Jasper, Kaley decides this is fate telling her to take the job and have a chance of changing her life... so she takes the job.

But here's the thing... Kaley can't clean or cook at all.

· Contains strong language and sexual content. 18+ ·

DestinySamuel DestinySamuel 2 days ago
B-B-BITCH WHAT THE FUÇK ELSE IS IT SUPPOSED TO LOOK LIKE? You lost you keys in your vagina and he was helping you find it with his penis?
DestinySamuel DestinySamuel 2 days ago
I would have dumped his àss just for calling me honey boo 😭😭
DestinySamuel DestinySamuel 2 days ago
Lmao yes bitch 👏👏👏👏 😂😂😂 he should have kept his mouth shut.
journeywishes journeywishes Jun 11, 2016
Accidentally stuffed his nutters into her privates I guess he slipped
Nati_12358 Nati_12358 May 01, 2016
I have no idea what I would have done at this point, honestly.
Jasper, I have met a lot of pricks in my lifetime but you sir, are a friggen cactus.🌵🌵🌵🌵🌵