His Damsel In Distress

His Damsel In Distress

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afrolicious By alwayswritin Updated Dec 29, 2016

Sleeping beauty

Her eyes beautiful chocolate doe crystals that could be gazed at forever by anyone who looked, the Medusa like almond shaped mysterious beauty's that put you in a trance whether you wanted to be in one or not, her nose perfect round nose that got extremely red when she cried or crinkled when she laughed and gripped her sides like it was the funniest thing ever, her body,  one that basically put her in her predicament, full figured yet tight in all the right places, there where moments when she wished she wasn't blessed with such a beautiful artifact worthy piece. 

Sleeping beauty was what she reminded him of a sickening drunk worthy disease that he couldn't seem to set himself free away from, the cure to him was a foreign four letter word that he felt had vanished from his well-being years ago 

Fucking sleeping beauty!  HIS sleeping beauty and as cliché as most stories are, instead of being viewed as prince charming he was viewed as none other than the beast himself 

A heart clenching fear rising non-human creature that didn't have a heart 

..Well that is until she made him discover one

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This is a interracial (black woman Italian man) story if that's not your forte then don't read my book.

sher38 sher38 Sep 09, 2016
You need to update this book fast after the introduction you got me come on with it.
dat_gurl_2016 dat_gurl_2016 Jul 26, 2016
I don't like it
                              I love it love it love it 
                              It is so good plzzzz update
KeishaBaker KeishaBaker Aug 05, 2016
Some much more is needed the suspense is killing me !🤗🤗🤗
chrysantheum_ chrysantheum_ Sep 08, 2016
*Looks at Casting*
                              *sees Henry cavil*
                              Girl.... Now you know I gotta read This lol
cuttieevermore cuttieevermore Sep 07, 2016
Omg i would have died im a smart mouth and i would been beat to death because no man doing me without a fight
Angielb73 Angielb73 Dec 15, 2016
Wtf what's going on though it was going to be a romantic story not a abrasive one