Playing the Bad Boy's game (ON HOLD)

Playing the Bad Boy's game (ON HOLD)

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Kate By katecakemocka Updated Aug 20, 2016

It's senior year for Ever Steele and Drew Parker. Felhon High's most active, competitive and smartest student. They both have a lot of common interest like their love for sports and their high grades in class. But why do they despise each other so much? People with a lot of common interest always get along. Right?

Maybe it's because Ever is a goody to shoes while Drew is a trouble maker and renowned playboy. Maybe because Ever chose to stay pure while Drew chose to hump anything that moves. Or maybe because they both want the slot on getting into Yale.

So Drew made a game, one that will decide who is best and deserves the slot in Yale. Ever gladly take up the challenge and promise herself that she is in it to win it.

But the question is, can Ever beat and outsmart the Bad Boy's game? 

This isn't your typical Bad boy falls for good girl. This is war between the Bad boy and Good girl.

AhdomHillyard5 AhdomHillyard5 Jul 09, 2017
LiStEn DrEw I wIlL mAkE yOu SqUaRe Up I mAy Be ShOrT bUt I'm FuLl Of RaGe AnD wIlL fIgHt
AhdomHillyard5 AhdomHillyard5 Jul 09, 2017
                              It's almost like Satan and Bellatrix Lestrange reproduced
rainbowstory13 rainbowstory13 Aug 05, 2016
I am a nerd. Well a geek. And I am creative too. Surprisingly I have a boyfriend and many friends. I call myself weird and socially awkward. But my friends call me unique. My bf calls me his nerd. So I am kinda popular as a nerd. 😜
ElzLOL ElzLOL Jun 08, 2013
This chapter was pretty funny lol :P Your writing flows really well, which is crucial for a story like this. There are (as a said before) quite a few punctuation and grammar mistakes, but it doesn't deter from the story, which is good :) This story seems very interesting so far :D
ElzLOL ElzLOL Jun 08, 2013
Sounds exciting so far :P There are a few punctuation mistakes, but they can easily be fixed :) Also, after reading the first chapter it seems like it is in danger of becoming rather cliched, but I'm interested to see what you're going to do with it. :)
books_and_tea books_and_tea May 18, 2013
Ignore all those "grammar mistakes" comments, I actually really like this! Though there are a lot of similar stories, this one catches my attention! :)