The Moon Dragon (Yona of the Dawn) story

The Moon Dragon (Yona of the Dawn) story

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BadWolf235 By BadWolf235 Updated Aug 05, 2017

Ever since I was little every one would stare at me. "What! What are you looking at?!" I would yell at them. Then they would run away. I never really needed them. I had always lived alone in the village. But then when I was twenty  I hear them say that King ll 
Was dead. What, no he didn't die they're lying. Then they continued talking. 
"Yeah well I think it's good that he did."

"Same here, hear there's a new king going to be crowned."

I can take this anymore!
I jumped out at them and yelled. "HOW DARE YOU? HE WAS A GREAT KING!" Then I swung my right arm back intending to hit on of the men.
But before I did a sword came into my grasp. It was all black on the handle it had a moon so white you could see it from a mile away. And the very tip was white to. And the sword hit the man and a huge slash was left on the mans chest blood was everywhere on the sword. The other man screamed. "THE DRAGON THE DRAGON! KILL HER KILL HER!" He says in anger. I start to run. "What is this sword?" I ask...

RuhThe1Weeaboo RuhThe1Weeaboo May 13, 2017
I LOVE IT! but just for you to know in the manga and subbed anime their names are kija, Shin Ah, Hak , Jea ha , Zeno, Yoon,
You just realized.......
                              That the coverwas just Asuna from SAO in black hair and attire and now you feel really dumb