Prude Secret • Jikook

Prude Secret • Jikook

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"The Fiction Awards 2016" winner in two categories.

1st Place in "Best LGBT+ Book"
2nd Place in "Best Fanfiction Story"

"All you need to do is, face your fear... with me."

"N-No! You're crazy!"

"Shut up Jimin, you're the reason why I'm crazy."

Park Jimin's prude secret that made him different than the rest. He's a loner, only focus on school, and kind of nerd. He avoided small touches, skinships, relationships, even dressing rooms and bathrooms. Nobody knows his secret, until Jeon Jungkook, the cocky jock popular boy who thought everyone adores and likes him, accidentally saw him "naked".

Top 1 in #jikook

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juancock97 juancock97 Dec 22, 2016
That was me until Jeon rudeness-to-the-max Jungkook happened in my lyf
I get mine when I don't have the resources to do anything about them. Such as in math.
laine_chan laine_chan 9 hours ago
Rápe? Thank god it's not rape that makes a huge different in this fluffy fan fic
i_pikachu i_pikachu Feb 09
I stand for top jungkook just as much as the lorax stands for trees
Lexi_Potato Lexi_Potato Jul 27, 2016
I voted!! 
                              It seemed like there were a lot of votes for Best LGBT