Prude Secret • Jikook

Prude Secret • Jikook

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"All you need to do is, face your fear... with me."

"N-No! You're crazy!"

"Shut up Jimin, you're the reason why I'm crazy."

Park Jimin's prude secret that made him different than the rest. He's a loner, only focus on school, and kind of nerd. He avoided small touches, skinships, relationships, even dressing rooms and bathrooms. Nobody knows his secret, until Jeon Jungkook, the cocky jock popular boy who thought everyone adores and likes him, accidentally saw him "naked".

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15/12/12 @jikookpie
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I'm 3 but I'm finna read it anyway besides I can do what I wanna do it's 2016 girl bYe
I screamed because I thought it was an update... But sure I'll do it^^ You're story is kinda my life now lmao
I wonder if pie befriended Jimin so she can get close to yoongi?
jikookpie jikookpie 7 days ago
Even if i change it to 18+ or 30+ i know you all still gonna read it coz JIKOOK
OMG I THINK IM GONNA CRY my phone only let me read some of the next chapter and I can't read the rest ;-; My life just ended I'm so sad
Obama_ Obama_ Jul 26
Oh my gosh I thought this was the last chapter  └(゚д゚)┐