The Bus-Stop Boy (Troyler AU)

The Bus-Stop Boy (Troyler AU)

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As Tyler looks out of his window like he does so often, this time he spots a beautiful boy lying on the bench of the bus stop in front of his house. He's never seen him before and soon he learns that this boy doesn't want to talk to him, or interact in any way for that matter. He just lies there, looking like he's been crying for days. So Tyler promises himself that he will do whatever it takes to make the boy talk to him, and help him get better.

No self harm, no mental disorders. May be triggering in other ways (feel free to message me about that!).

Smut will be indicated by short warnings.

Oh god I was reading another book where he was already out and accepted and got really confused for a second there
a piece of art signed:
                              ' the result of the frickle frackle between laurelle and shaun mellet '
cause_were_my_otp cause_were_my_otp Nov 07, 2016
When I read "Of course" I kept reading it 'of course not' and im all like I better not have to choose a side then U read it again and im all like yup makes sense now
cause_were_my_otp cause_were_my_otp Nov 07, 2016
Why is Zoe so good at life advice? Like damn come and direct my life woth your life advice
LiLuLee LiLuLee Aug 21, 2016
Well technically he had a place to sleep - a bust stop bench.
LiLuLee LiLuLee Aug 21, 2016
Honestly? Either he's homeless (but even homeless people go around town to find some food instead of sitting whole day in one place) or he is dead and Tyler sees the boy's ghost.