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The Water Weaver💧☠

The Water Weaver💧☠

2M Reads 56.2K Votes 67 Part Story
Holly Hamilton By hrhamilton Updated 14 hours ago

A princess cursed by water magic and a devilishly handsome pirate sail together to achieve their ambitions
Inna, the princess of Yoshka, was never supposed to become Queen - not after what happened ten years ago. But on her father's death bed, guilt plagues his mind and his final wish is for her to succeed him. Though Inna wants nothing more than to make him proud, how can she possibly control an entire kingdom when she can't control the terrifying magic which lies within her?

The royal council believe Inna is too inexperienced to take on such a burden alone and demand she marries. But marriage is the least of her worries when her magic spirals out of control and her own kingdom turns against her. 
 Left with nobody else, Inna is forced to ally with Captain Glyn - a ruthless pirate more interested in her magic than any treasure. He is as cunning as he is charming and Inna has no doubt he plans on using her magic for his own twisted ambitions.
 Despite everything opposing her, Inna is determined to make her father proud and be the Queen he wished she would be. Even if that means betraying Captain Glyn.
            A young adult, high fantasy novel featuring magic, action and romance.
Cover made by the wonderful @MayTijssen!
      #1 in Fantasy ~ 12/04/17

Wonderfullife2234 Wonderfullife2234 5 days ago
That's messed up. But this is  really good book. I love it already
GabrielleNygren GabrielleNygren 4 days ago
This is interesting 😯 Usually the stepmother doesn't like the child of the first marriage, but here it seems like the "new" Queen actually likes Inna more than the father
gcgonzalez gcgonzalez 4 days ago
I never got far in the original because you wanted to take it down, I'm so excited for this
kyleethebunny13 kyleethebunny13 5 days ago
Ok so is this like 2 different stories put into 1 book? I read the Ice Weaver already.
DestinyHeart25 DestinyHeart25 5 days ago
I really love this story. From the way you write the story, it's no surprise that your book is one of the top. Your make me feel emotional when I read this. I can't wait for more. :)
                              "when is it in cinemas?"
                              me- MUM THIS WAS AMDE FROM KIDS MY AGE OMG AM I DYING RN HOW GOOD IS IT??!!!! 
                              LET ME JUST SAY SHE WAS SPEECHLESSS