The Ice Weaver (Completed)

The Ice Weaver (Completed)

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Holly Hamilton By hrhamilton Completed

Despite their differences, a princess cursed with magic and a devilishly handsome pirate must journey together through friendship and love to achieve their ambitions.


Eira is the princess of Joska, a snowy land without magic. But there's one slight problem: she has ice magic that she can't control. As a child, her father locked her away and deemed her ineligible to be Joska's heir. But on his death bed, guilt plagues his mind and his final wish is for Eira to succeed him. 
    The royal advisors believe Eira is too inexperienced and softly spoken to take on such a burden alone and demand she marries. But marriage is the least of her worries when her magic spirals out of control and her own kingdom turns against her. 
    Left with nobody else, Eira is forced to ally with Captain Emrys Glyn - a ruthless pirate more interested in her magic than treasure. He is as cunning as he is charming and Eira has no doubt he plans on using her magic for his own twisted ambitions.
    Despite everything opposing her, Eira is determined to make her father proud and be the Queen he wished she would be. 
    A young adult, high fantasy novel described as a mix between Frozen and Pirates of the Caribbean. It features magic, action, adventure, mystery and romance.

NanthiniRO NanthiniRO 3 days ago
i am indian and read novels from both british and american authors so am comfortable in both and rarely notice the difference
Shy-Neko Shy-Neko 5 days ago
Don't worry it's fine either British English or American English. Sometimes when I'm making a story I use American English it turns into British English :D so everything is fine
as a Canadian, I have learned to read in both American English and British English, and to be honest when i write/talk it's a strange mix of both. (Same as EVERY OTHER PERSON I KNOW) :)
Sara_R_Stark Sara_R_Stark 7 days ago
                              British English is awesome. CAN I SPEAK LIKE THIS NOW
KryChi KryChi Mar 11
Didn't even realise 'gray' was the American spelling for grey. I thought it was just a fancy change for the name Gray (Fairy Tail <--- anime)
Exquisite_Voice Exquisite_Voice 5 days ago
When I was a kid, I used to do British English rather than American English so I was confused when people spelled 'colour' as 'color' or 'defence' as 'defense.' Sorry I'm neither British nor American but that was the way my childhood was like😆