Jerk | g.d. ✩

Jerk | g.d. ✩

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Grayson Dolan. He's got it all - the looks, the girls, a nice car, good grades, and the party life.

Well, except one thing. Personality.


 "Hello?" She asked looking down at him.

"Ughhh" He groaned as he rubbed his eyes.

"Um, good morning." 

"Where am I?" He asked looking around as he realized he was laying on grass.

"My yard."

"Was I drunk?" 

"Pretty sure." She said, looking at the bottle of beer next to him.

"Who are you?" 

"Daliah. But sometimes I go by Dez."

"But I don't care." 

"...K. Well I'll see you around, Grayson." She said walking back to her house.

"How do you know me?!"

"We kind of go to the same school."


My eyes slowley opened to my ceiling fan still moving, but with the 6:00 morning sun shining through my window. I let out a dreadful sigh.

Walking to the school after pulling up in to the student parking lot, the first person I notice is Grayson leaning on the side of a white truck with his twin Ethan and his friends Jake and Cameron.

I make my way t...

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paprikaqween paprikaqween Jul 24, 2017
This was me with my older sister yesterday and she got so mad at me she took my phone but I got on the computer
dancer0902 dancer0902 Jul 13, 2017
she's so rude, i hate her, she's so ugly, but she's my best friend!! lmao does anyone remember that vine😂😂
Neonhipposinthenight Neonhipposinthenight Jan 18, 2017
I actually did this to my principal once and she laughed so fudging hard... I had so many nice teachers who knew I was sarcastic cuz of my sister
inlovewiththebass inlovewiththebass Oct 03, 2016
I'm reading this over again bc I miss you girl 😭😭 and im also leaving a vote bc I didn't do it the first time i read this
linkupdolan linkupdolan Aug 13, 2016
If you guys could check out my new book its oils mean a lot 😇😇 THX
discnchanted discnchanted Feb 19, 2017
the creative writing club sounds so fun i wish there was one at my school