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My Drawing Book

My Drawing Book

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If I Die Young By ZainZain07 Completed

Hello !!! Welcome to My Drawing book! :D
  Published: December,2015
  Finsihed: August,2016
  Do NOT redistribute,
  Claim,copy,edit or
  Use it any way
  ♥ Thank You

#464 In Random  Dec. 20, 2016

AnimusDevo AnimusDevo Jul 08, 2016
                              Hey, may I ask.. Did you use SketchBookX? ( ̄▽ ̄)
Abdulaziz3450 Abdulaziz3450 Jun 28, 2016
الصراحة ما قريتها بس حطيت نجمة علمودج
ImAPinkDino ImAPinkDino Jan 23
I sometimes forget my oc's names don't worry. I have three ocs so far
                              And Ethan 
KawaiiKiwi_Chan KawaiiKiwi_Chan Dec 28, 2016
Wait do u mind if i use some of her features to practice my art
AyakaNakamura AyakaNakamura Feb 23, 2016
Pfft YOU need practice. That's not true. I can barely draw stick men
KawaiiKiwi_Chan KawaiiKiwi_Chan Dec 24, 2016
Is she bandaged up or something....? If she is imma go beat up the person or thing that hurt her