Yandere! Boy x Reader!

Yandere! Boy x Reader!

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Ayato.K's  Waifu~ By Jeshika-Kirishima Completed

[Y/N] was a normal school girl. One day, a new boy transferred to ur school. Things started to change and so was the boy.He started to fall deeply in love with [Y/N]. Will she be able to discover the truth of the boy? Did she know what was happening?

Well, let's find out! ^.^ Enjoy reading!


EminemStanClan EminemStanClan Dec 11, 2016
I wish I had clingy friends sometimes and then other times I just wanna be alone
JJtheIntrovert JJtheIntrovert Jul 30, 2016
I've been on this thing for about two months and I'm still no good
Elfaina Elfaina Aug 30, 2016
When it comes to comments, IM ONE OF THE BEST!!!! Jk but in all seriousness I'm no good at writing books, and will never be. 💀
The-Shadow-Pheonix The-Shadow-Pheonix Jun 24, 2016
Ive been here for a couple of mounths and yet 3 hours ago I finished the first chapter of my first book
TatianaShantal TatianaShantal 3 days ago
Stupid Y/N... Oh wait, she's me.... HAHAHAHAHA Im so stupid.
EminemStanClan EminemStanClan Dec 11, 2016
That moment when all the readers act like he wasn't supposed to be creepy lol