Yandere! Boy x Reader!

Yandere! Boy x Reader!

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Ayato.K's  Waifu~ By Jeshika-Kirishima Completed

[Y/N] was a normal school girl. One day, a new boy transferred to ur school. Things started to change and so was the boy.He started to fall deeply in love with [Y/N]. Will she be able to discover the truth of the boy? Did she know what was happening?

Well, let's find out! ^.^ Enjoy reading!


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Usually people call me by my first name or my nickname if I allow them, but still
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-b r e a t h   i n-
                              You're the one killing people and you want me to take care of you. Go f*ck yourself.
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Hoe you better start calling me Smith before I smack you with Kaneki's kagune
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I've been on this thing for about two months and I'm still no good
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When it comes to comments, IM ONE OF THE BEST!!!! Jk but in all seriousness I'm no good at writing books, and will never be. 💀