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Yandere! Boy x Reader!

Yandere! Boy x Reader!

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Ayato.K's  Waifu~ By Jeshika-Kirishima Completed

[Y/N] was a normal school girl. One day, a new boy transferred to ur school. Things started to change and so was the boy.He started to fall deeply in love with [Y/N]. Will she be able to discover the truth of the boy? Did she know what was happening?

Well, let's find out! ^.^ Enjoy reading!


Wow..I'm impressed. When I'm new I literally am quiet for a whole month in there until someone greets me.
Haru: where's your house?
                              Me: *Points at a random house* There.
                              Haru: *turns around*oh ok, now I kno-
                              Me:  *hits him with a sharp metal object* Ha. Sike! Bish you thought. *starts sprinting home in the opposite direction taking multiple detours just in case * lol 😂
I would rather have him calling me by my first name than my second name tbh 😳
Haru: " you don't have to be so formal with me.  You can call me Haru...! I was waiting for you Brooklyn~Chan. Let's go back together. I can walk u home."  
                              Brooklyn~chan: Ok I will call you Haru but you can not walk home with me stalker
How to get food after school everyday 
                              Me: *points to random restaurant* there. 
                              I live there. 
                              Haru: ...and now I know. 
                              Me: *lenny face*
let me walk home with you so I will know where u live cus stalking u home is too mainstream 🌚