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SpoonsAndDoggos By SpoonsAndDoggos Updated Aug 10, 2016

Alice Mary Clery- a victim of relentless abuse from her peers and her own father, also a victim of self harm and possible eating disorder. She had no one on God's green earth on her side, up until recently.

Keith Luke Salaway- a known felon by the age of 15 who has lost a lot really fast. His sister died at a very young age when he was 10, his father splitting off to Minnesota to grieve for... 7 years? Everyone began to worry about him, he drinks, he smokes, two sleeves of tattoos and has the shortest temper one could have until little Red came along.

Last we heard, everything was ok and happy. But can they last three months of only speaking through a phone and computer screen?

*Warning- strong language, child abuse, substance abuse, violence, implied mental illness

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vinealscratch2 vinealscratch2 Aug 19, 2017
Thats my name! I literally squealed when I read that and got really happy
Somebody called me daddy once. It was soooo shiten creepy, cuz Ima girl.
SunSuns3t SunSuns3t Nov 08, 2016
We don't have hot topic in England but we have something like that
book-lover2131 book-lover2131 Nov 10, 2016
Trust me calling your boyfriend that is pretty embarrassing lol
dishaxj dishaxj Jan 01, 2016
Hey! Love your story! Can't wait for the next chapter to release! Wanna have a look at my story?