The Alpha's Epsilon (Being Published) (wattys2017)

The Alpha's Epsilon (Being Published) (wattys2017)

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Blessing By Dagborigi Completed

(Completed and editing) 

An action, horror, moral, sexy, romantic werewolf, vampire, witch, gods,goddess and supernaturals love story that begins with what started the feud between the vampires and werewolves. 

Radulf the first wolf and Lord Alpha has been fighting the vamps for centuries he can't count, for those years he was without a mate. On the battlefield, he heard the first calling from his mate and since then he has been searching hard for that one who was said to complete him. 

When the vampires started invading the south as they did to the north, the MacKenzie Alpha called on Radulf the Lord Alpha and his Enforcers to come to their rescue. 

On reaching the south, Radulf met his mate. She was an Epsilon, a powerful wolf strong enough to control a whole werewolf pack. Unknowingly to her clan, they thought her to be a weak omega. 

What will the Lord Alpha do when he finds out she's an Epsilon - when he killed the last Epsilon

hamzashine hamzashine May 25, 2016
Wow! Nice, keep it up...  Award is waiting for you in my country
mrsgarbutt mrsgarbutt May 20, 2016
Hmmm....."rubs invisible beard* I like this book so far very interesting..
I started reading this last year but was not able to finish it. I'm glad I decided to reread it. Now I remember why I loved the book!
KairiLynn KairiLynn Mar 28, 2016
I like your story so far. It's interesting and very unique. I think I will really enjoy it.
florrie_g florrie_g Apr 02, 2016
idk...what ever happens this is surely winning the watty...I doubt there's ever gonna be a match...well just prologue so far
                              *grabs popcorn*
skydrive18 skydrive18 May 20, 2016
I think this is the first, were story I have read with an elaborate history....hmmmm very interesting.. keep it up;-)