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Crystal By BlackoutParadox Updated Nov 01

You died. Again. But, when you woke up... You were back at the beginning. You didn't reset... but something was off. Flowey seemed skittish, frightened even. He was KIND. The people you knew, you once held dear... CHANGED. The entire underground was different... Dark. Nobody seemed to recognize you, but a part of them still remained. Someone who just wanted a friend, to be looked up to, respected... And another who just wanted hope-who was tired of this game... You're left with two choices: Will you kill to survive, or will you die befriending them all over again?

Authors Note: This is in the AU Underfell. I recommend looking into it, it's simply amazing to me! Long story short, the "you" mentioned there is Frisk but it was a good description for the AU I found once. This is basically, somewhere the save file got corrupted, and now everything is reversed except Frisk. Hope you enjoy!

Disclaimer: I do not own Undertale.

*thinks* okay goat lady take me away!
                              Flowey: WHAT?! 
                              Me: sshhhhh! Be nice!
Gonzeli1001 Gonzeli1001 Jul 02
                              Toriel: what's wrong my useless child? 
                              Me: You not my momma and I'm not your child! *bites her arms and runs away* FŪCK THIS SH!T IM OUT!
MiniKitty40 MiniKitty40 Jun 28
I have never read under fell before... Toriel are you alright?
Oh. My. God. I WANNA MEET SANS!!! (Underfell Sans is my favorite Sans)
Flowey.....Flowey....*pokes floweys face* stop being so needy
This is good so far. You carry a nice sense of diction. In the very last sentence, the flow would sound better if you swap "only" and "could".