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"What would an ocean be without a monster lurking in the dark? It would be like sleep without dreams." -- Werner Herzog

For three years, Tessa has known Camp Half-Blood. It's her home, her training ground, the only place she can be safe as a daughter of Poseidon. However, the more she longs for the world she left behind, the more she falls victim to her own mind, witnessing haunting nightmares that might just be a prophecy of her fate. With a handful of other campers, Tessa embarks on a mission that only opens up her world to other horrors and threats, and Tessa finds herself at the zenith of it all.

{Book One in the Tempest Series}
Cover made by @Silver_Chick

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WolfCacao11 WolfCacao11 Apr 18, 2017
Hi It's really amazing! Keep up with the good work! I totally SHIP Tessa and Kaden!!!
AddictedReader102 AddictedReader102 Sep 02, 2016
When I first read this, no joke, I thought Kaden and Tessa hated each other. Boy was I wrong. I love re-reading this!💛
TheWhovianTrekkie TheWhovianTrekkie Jun 27, 2016
A child of Aphrodite other than Piper who isn't useless. finally!
                              also I totally ship Tessa and Kaden :P
user71242756 user71242756 Jul 02, 2016
"Gray, you have five seconds..."
                              me: of summer.
                              Sorry, just a fan girl.
-melodyofamurder -melodyofamurder Jul 27, 2016
What I'm reading this series for the first time, I'm at the first chapter and I'm already hooked with this book wtf
_philtrashno1 _philtrashno1 Jul 27, 2016
Im new to this story and I want to get a bit of a perception of time so does this story take place before or after the events of Percy Jackson?