Celebrity 《Luka x Female Reader》【Vocaloid Yuri】

Celebrity 《Luka x Female Reader》【Vocaloid Yuri】

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peebischuuu By Vocachuuu Updated Jul 29, 2016

Luka Megurine; your absolute idol! You'd never think of meeting her, but a girl can dream. Her voice, her body, her everything was just too perfect!

But no, you're stuck at a boring highschool. At least you have your best friends, Miku, Rin, and Len. But there's a new girl, and something is just awfully familiar about her. 

(Vocaloid Yuri; GirlxGirl.)

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Rukia... Are you really actually.. Whaaaaaaa... Oh geez I just said that Luka was my idol in front of her oh geez... Go me lol
When you didnt realised that RUKA was LUKA from the start but realised afterwards in the story xD
TheWolforThePrey TheWolforThePrey Sep 18, 2016
AnimeAddictionIssue AnimeAddictionIssue Jun 29, 2016
..... I just now realized that the name Ruka, and Luka, are fairly similar.
MeeTheFaggot MeeTheFaggot Jun 07, 2016
Yes, yes. Totally my reaction if someone randomly gives me a Front Seat VIP ticket.
Vocachuuu Vocachuuu Dec 21, 2015
@KeKeKoLa (Because parentheses are fun. c: 
                              And I'm hyped to write it. ;u; )