Pop Culture Mysteries - Season One

Pop Culture Mysteries - Season One

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Bookshelf Q. Battler By BookshelfBattle Updated Jan 07, 2016

His name's Dashing. Jake Dashing. He's a sleuth, a gumshoe, a shamus, a private dick and as of 2015, a less than willing servant for Bookshelf Q. Battler, the nerdy blogger who operates "The Bookshelf Battle Blog" for the benefit of a mere 3.5 readers.  

Dashing is one of history's greatest law men, having slapped cuffs on old Los Angeles' most notorious criminals and even put an end to the stranglehold that wiseguy Mugsy McGillicuddy had on the city. Rumor has it that one time, he even punched Adolf Hitler in his face.

So why would this hardboiled badass ever work for a lowly dork?

Simple. In 1954, Dashing took a nap at his desk only to put Rip Van Winkle to shame by sleeping for sixty years. He woke up to a world where dames wear trousers, everything costs way too much, and everyone is carrying around a tiny computerized "beep boop machines" that they use to take pictures of their hideous faces and post them on the Interwhatever.

Jake wants to get back to his old life in 1954, see? And Bookshelf Q. Battler claims to have the scoop on how our favorite private dick can do just that.  But nothing in life is free, so BQB forces a deal on Jake - solve one hundred pop culture mysteries in exchange for the details on how to get back to his own time.

BQB's attorney, the delicious dish Delilah K. Donnelly, is the intermediary between these two galoots, as Jake will no doubt take a shortcut and strangle the information out of BQB if he can ever get his hands on that nerd.  Delilah delivers BQB's questions about movies, music, television and entertainment to Jake, and she brings back Jake's reports to her bookworm boss.

Along the way, Jake will even share stories of mysteries he's worked on, past and present.

NOTE:  This is the first draft of a whole season of stories that will begin appearing on BQB's new site, popculturemysteries.com on April 1, 2016. In the meantime, check out this site and bookshelfbattle.com for all kinds of fun, see?

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FromtheBar FromtheBar Jan 18, 2016
Cool - where are you getting all these idioms?  Are they really all from the period?
hashtagdumpling hashtagdumpling Dec 31, 2015
The narration is simply brilliant and the way in which the protagonist thinks is fascinating :)
CarolinaC CarolinaC Dec 16, 2015
I love this - the sense of voice is fantastic, and it's hilarious. 
                              Thanks so much for the recommendation,  @sloanranger
sloanranger sloanranger Dec 16, 2015
I do love detective stories & you know who else might like this (I KNOW you'll like their stuff). @CarolinaC and @JesseWest.
sloanranger sloanranger Dec 16, 2015
I do love detective stories & you know who else might like this (I KNOW you'll like their stuff). @CarolinaC and @JesseWest.