When The Bad Boy Met The Funny Girl | ✔

When The Bad Boy Met The Funny Girl | ✔

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«Lots of grammar, plot mistakes. Going to be edited in the future. »

''So have I met you before?'' He asked.

''Well let's just say yes and no.'' I said.

 ''How is it yes and no?'' He retorted, with a raised eyebrow.

''Well, you did steal my package of sour patch kids when I was in 1st grade on the bus.'' I said.

''Wait a minute you're the one the who gave me my first black eye? I assumed you moved.'' He said nonchalantly.

''Well, you should never assume. You know why you shouldn't assume because you'll make an ass out of you and me. And yes I did. I should give you another black eye now since you never got me another package.'' I said. 
Meet Dani, she's funny, sarcastic. Obsessed with sour patch kids and an amazing soccer player. She doesn't care what people think of her, she's unique.
Now meet Drew, he's a 'bad boy'. A great wrestler, a prankster and he's tough. Sometimes arrogant and sometimes sweet.

Read on to see How the Badboy Met the Funny Girl. 
 #110 in Teen Fiction 12/24/16 ❤
 #64 in Teen Fiction 2-8-17
Started: December 10th,2015
Finished:February 8th, 2017

(Editing here and there)

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night_101_cap night_101_cap Dec 21, 2017
Every Wattpad heroine always says boyfriends come later then BAM!!!! 
                              A few chapters later you're already wondering why the dude isn't talking to you 😂😂😂😂
ebarron17 ebarron17 Dec 26, 2017
Mine yells at 6:00 in the morning. It’s literally the worst
PSPetra PSPetra Feb 16
                              Me and Ashton are officially besties, just look at us twinning and DAAAAT
ethans_armpitmustard ethans_armpitmustard Oct 17, 2017
The bad boy and the funny girl sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G but not really
JLB9909 JLB9909 Jan 13
                              im so sorry its such a pet peeve i cant stand it when ppl use the wrong your/you're or their/they're/there in books im sorry forgive me please
Literally me, I can recite every single Disney movie and once upon a Time episode, and if I’m not on my piano, I’m either on the treadmill, playing basketball, netball or badminton, or swimming (although I’m a terrible swimmer)