When The Bad Boy Met The Funny Girl ✔

When The Bad Boy Met The Funny Girl ✔

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'So have I met you before?' He  asked
'Well let's just say yes and no.' I said
'How is it yes and no?' He retorted. With a raised eyebrow.  'Well, you did steal my package of sour patch kids when I was in 1st grade on the bus.' I said.  'Wait a minute you're the one the who gave me my first black eye?. I assumed you moved.' He said nonchalantly.  'Well, you should never assume. You know why you shouldn't assume because you make an ass out of you and me. And yes I did. I should give you another black eye now since you never got me another package.' I said. 


Meet Dani, she's funny, sarcastic. Obsessed with sour patch kids and an amazing soccer player. She doesn't care what people think of her, she's unique.

Now meet Drew, he's a 'bad boy'. A great wrestler, a prankster and he's tough. Sometimes arrogant and sometimes sweet.
Read on how the bad boy met the funny girl.

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Finished:  January 1st, 2017

AishiteroBaby AishiteroBaby Nov 11, 2016
Omg I'm older than all the characters I feel so old 😑😑😑
SniperKitten716 SniperKitten716 Nov 04, 2016
Should be in 10th grade no? Because his birthday is on 12/21 
                              Like my birthday is 10/10 and I was suppose to be in 8th right now and I'm in 7th
typical_life_ typical_life_ Nov 07, 2016
Danielle is literally born 1 day b4 by birthday...same year and everything 😂😂
Gwen_Williams_22 Gwen_Williams_22 Dec 11, 2016
You guys are focused on this while I'm like Danielle's brother is Hunter and she has a history with Drew and Ashton..........think about it.
Gwen_Williams_22 Gwen_Williams_22 Dec 11, 2016
Oh wait disregard what I said I'm confused I'll just shut my mouth and keep reading
DilettanteAmateur DilettanteAmateur Nov 04, 2016
I get where your coming from but no he's in the right grade. :)