His To Keep (#Wattys2016)

His To Keep (#Wattys2016)

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He was the air that allowed me to live, but he was also the brick that drowned me. 

He was the blood that pumped through my veins, but he was also the one who broke my heart.

He was my flashlight in the darkness, but he was also the one who turned out the lights.

But I still loved him.

Avery had to run from her pack or else her alpha would've killed her. After her Luna died, saving Avery from a rogue apart of the most dangerous rogue pack in the world, her alpha turned abusive, blaming her for the death of his mate. 
So, she ran and has been living on her own since.
One day, she stumbles into the wrong territory and runs into Greyson Black, aka the alpha of the rogue pack that killed her Luna, the only person that ever loves Avery. Will she be able to live with this heartless beast and his pack, or will she die trying? 

"I-I can't be yours." I said as I took a step backward as he took one foreword. 

"And why is that Kitten?" He asked as my back hit a tree.

"Because....Because your a monster. You've killed hundreds of packs, of children, without remorse."

He laughed. "That is true my darling," he said as he ran a thumb over my cheek, causing more sparks to explode all over. "I am a true heartless beast, but that does not change the fact that you are mine and the Devil himself cannot change that my dear." 

"I hate you and all of your kind," I growled. "Now let me go, you heartless rogue." 

He smiled a cruel wicked smile as he ran his hand down my arms leaving a trail of pleasureful sparks in its wake. My breath hitched due to the foreign feeling and he smirked. 

"Come on my darling Kitten," he said as he took off his shirt and handed it to me. "Put this on and we'll get back to the pack."

(It's not as cliche as it seems, trust me. Try it and I'm sure you'll like it)

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Well I'm not into guys with tattoos because it makes them look super cocky
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I saw this book a few days ago, but I accidently closed it and I've been looking for it without remembering how it's called, so YAY I FOUND IT AGAIN
The moment you realise this all happened with both of them being naked
Derise0617 Derise0617 Jun 07
Technically you are a b*tch because you're half a female wolf and wolves are related to dogs soooooooo...........
I am not afraid to keep on living
                              I am not afraid to walk this world alone
                              Honey, if you stay
                              I'll be forgiven
                              Nothing you can say can stop me going home
                              -famous last words