His To Keep (Rewriting)

His To Keep (Rewriting)

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1-800-273-8255 By ChicagoDreams Updated Mar 11

"What's your name?" He gently asked as he approached me, the rage and hatred that had once painted his features now gone.

"A-Avery," I stammered out, my body slightly shaking out of fear.

"Avery," he repeated, my name sounding beautiful as it slid past his lips. The moon trickled through the treetops and illuminated his goldy body as he continued stroking my cheek beneath the soft moonlight. I found myself closing my eyes and leaning into his strangely addicting touch and despite how badly I wanted to pull away, but body refused to and basked in the warm sparks that only my dangerous and feared mate could cause. 


The day Avery's parents decided to leave her and go rogue was the day her once happy heaven became a scorching hell with her demon of an Alpha relentlessly abusing her along with the pack members, being able to have her do whatever they want without any boundaries or limits. One night, the infamous Blood Moon anti-pack attacks her home, leading to the death of her Luna, the only one who'd cared for her, and creating a new hell for her to endure. But what happens when she finds out her mate is the heartless Alpha of this anti-pack that destroyed everything she'd ever known? Will she be able to keep her head above water or will her mate's dark secrets and past tie themselves to her ankles and drown her in the sea of uncertainty and doubt?  

(It's not as cliche as it seems, trust me. Try it and I'm sure you'll like it)

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Rewritten version  © 2017

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Beautiful cover by @BloodyToni

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darkshadow44456 darkshadow44456 Oct 22, 2017
Chicago dreams, I know how u feel,  writing should always be fun, not a burden. Take ur time on the book. There is no rush. If ppl have a problem they can learn to deal with it. Its ur book, ur rules.
hufflepuff-ish hufflepuff-ish Feb 21, 2016
I saw this book a few days ago, but I accidently closed it and I've been looking for it without remembering how it's called, so YAY I FOUND IT AGAIN
AA_ApocalypseArisen AA_ApocalypseArisen Dec 23, 2015
If you think it's the right thing to do go ahead! I won't stop you. Do what you think will be best
shatteredstarsxo shatteredstarsxo Dec 23, 2015
Awh okay, i love this book and i can tell its gonna get popular super fast ;) good luck with the rewriting and have a great christmas xx
Pokiya Pokiya Dec 23, 2015
😭😭😩😭 whyy? But I really liiikkeedd ittt!! (But its okay if u feel like you should rewrite then I support u I don't think anyone hates/will hate u for that) but please post/ update soon (I have no problem with waiting your book is really good totally worth waiting for)