His Royal Mate

His Royal Mate

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Lilly is 16 years old she is the alpha kings youngest daughter, her mother is a witch and she is the only one of her siblings that is a witch-werewolf hybrid  and she can shift like a wolf but has the powers of a witch and because if this she shifted when she was 5 years old. 

 she has 5 sibling:  2 older sister Mia who is 18 and Lola who is 20 and she has 2 older brothers Jace and Joe who are twins and 22 and a younger brother who was killed by Rouges when he was 5 all four of her older siblings are really protective of her, all of her siblings found there mates when they were about 13,14   because they are royals they find their mates before they turn 15  but Lilly still has not found her mate are she is 16...


Zack is Alpha of Blood pack which is the second strongest pack in England after the Royal pack. He is 18 and his parents died when he was 16 so he took the alpha position 2 years early and is already know for being ruthless and cruel. His  younger sister called Amelia and become Lilly's new best friend when Lilly moves to her school...


This is my first book so might be a bit sh!t but hope you like it 

and soz I'm really bad at spelling 

Completed 26th July 2016


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AmayaYuvi AmayaYuvi Mar 13, 2017
Okay, the first chapter is amazing. But I'd love it if there weren't so many 'grammar' issues. I'm not saying it's bad, I just felt my reading flow got thrown off s couple times. Other than that, amazing :D Hopefully you'll someday come back and edit this amazing book. 🙂😊
BadWolf_97 BadWolf_97 May 21, 2017
How do people fall asleep like that it takes me like 2 hours and 500 positions
Non of the chapters after this one will load for me for some reason
emmagoR5 emmagoR5 May 24, 2017
I'm so happy 
                              This is the first book that I have read that has recess 
took me whole chapter to firue out if the charactor was a girl or boy. but it's a girl
Kidauther2 Kidauther2 Jan 04, 2017
This is a little funny. She is stronger and more powerful. She foes not have to listen to him.