Dirty Dancing {Jelena} ✔

Dirty Dancing {Jelena} ✔

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Her whole world seemed to be crashing right before her eyes. But she refused to believe it.

"Why are you doing this?" She cried, clutching her chest without even noticing. 

She was in pain, but he was in so much more pain just knowing that he was the reason she's this hurt.

"You said you loved me...I said I loved you back...wha-what happened to that?" 

He wanted to hold her so bad, kiss all her pain away, but he had to leave and the sad part was that she doesn't even know he's doing all this for her.

"Did it mean nothing to you?" 

You hear that? That was the sound of his heart crashing into million small pieces. 

"Tell me you love me...tell me it was real" 

Her heart melted the second his soft plump lips pressed against hers. Tears were rolling down her cheeks silently, knowing that this wasn't just a kiss...but rather a goodbye kiss. She felt it before she knew it, because the second her eyes fluttered open...

He was already gone...

Along with her heart.