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Mightygoat By mightygoat Updated Dec 18, 2016

Aomine Axton is smart, ruthless, arrogant and controlling. A CEO and a player who builds a hotel empire across the world, and owning the world's biggest chain of branded hotels all before his 25th birthday. 

Aurora Atticus is your innocent girl who have never experience being in love with anyone before. A true beginner who knows nothing about love and your very average girl.

Her innocence captivated Aomine. Perked with interest and a sprinkle of fun, he is determined to teach her everything there is to know about 'love'. But will he succeed? After all, he is just a player.

Highest achievement: #12 in romance

Laycia Laycia Jun 03
Tf why isnt there a pronounciation thing next to that foreign ass name
AnaJamese9 AnaJamese9 Jul 16
Hmmm.. tell him you're thinking about the job and he is not adorable and interesting to look at. Over confidence ey.
JHO2003315 JHO2003315 Apr 02
You good fam? Cuz why would I be attracted to a narcissist piece of animal?
lavacandy14 lavacandy14 Jul 11
Please tell me how one puts his or her hands in their pocket like a boss because I need tips🤓
I think it's pronounced like Ayo-ma-in. 🤔 Hmm, forever a mystery...
escarmona escarmona Jan 21
He's lucky this is a book... I real life that can get him in a LOT of trouble