Lucy Queen Of The Realm Of Creatures. (Sticy and Lalu)

Lucy Queen Of The Realm Of Creatures. (Sticy and Lalu)

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Phoenix & Dragon By FairyLucyNamiPiece Completed

This story is my first story ever made. 

At the Naval Battle a force is awakened inside of Lucy. No one knew of this power and now that they know of it, the ones who ignored her want her back. Guess what? Not a chance! Lucky removes their memories and everything is back to normal, only for a while. 

A year later the same thing happens and Lucy finds out that she is a mate of two. Sting and Laxus

girlyminer10 girlyminer10 Apr 04, 2016
Lol this is like nats grey and erza 
                              Igneel=natsu (DUH)
                              There like the dragon versions of em
AnimeSavage AnimeSavage Jul 22, 2016
                              Lucy: OMG I AM SO SORRY KRYSTAL!
                              Krystal/Me: I-I'm ok... *Goes unconcious*