The Protector (Lalu + Rolu)

The Protector (Lalu + Rolu)

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Phoenix & Dragon By FairyLucyNamiPiece Updated Feb 09

This may or may not be your typical cliche. But read it, its worth it.

There will be amazing battles that last a chapter. There will be comedy like no other. Just read and I'll take you on a roller coaster of fun! 

Lucy Heartfilia. Is she the weak girl everyone thought she was? Is she the immature girl everyone wants her to be?

She isn't. She's strong. She's mature and overall amazing. 

As Queen of the realm of Creatures, it is her duty to remain calm and serious.

When Fairy Tail make a mistake, Lucy shows her true nature.

This is my first story ever!! Amazing, I know!! 

This was originally made in early 2016 and finished in September 2016 but I sucked so bad at writing so I'm rewriting the entire story. It will still have the same kind of plot but it will be so much better!!!


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TheAnimeCats1 TheAnimeCats1 Jul 31, 2017
When you think about it, its Wendy yelling at Natsu and Gajeel 😂😂😂😂
girlyminer10 girlyminer10 Apr 04, 2016
Lol this is like nats grey and erza 
                              Igneel=natsu (DUH)
                              There like the dragon versions of em
AnimeSavage AnimeSavage Jul 22, 2016
                              Lucy: OMG I AM SO SORRY KRYSTAL!
                              Krystal/Me: I-I'm ok... *Goes unconcious*