Ice Cold #Wattys2016

Ice Cold #Wattys2016

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Grey Winters By GreyWinters Completed

Zander Anarchy Black, Alpha of the Black Moon Pack, the strongest, notorious and the most biggest pack in the United Kingdom. The word black seems to surround him, his name, his pack and unfortunately his heart as well. He cares for no one, loves no one and kills with no remorse. He's ice cold.

Alexandria Rose, daughter of the Beta of the White Crescent Pack. A small but respected pack. She is the epitome of the words kind, warm and loving. Oh, and not to mention, feisty and highly trained in sarcasm and witty remarks. She hates violence and always seeks the good in people.

So what do you think fate had in mind when it decided to make these two polar opposites cross paths? She might just be the fire needed to melt the ice.



This is my first book and a work of my own effort. Please vote and comment if you like my story. I will try to update as frequently as I can because I know the wait is unbearable.Thank you.

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maggpie36 maggpie36 Sep 01, 2017
I like how she introduced herself at the end of the chapter unlike other books do at the beginning or somewhere in the middle. It was a pleasant surprise, different from all the rest. Love it so far, and have barely just started reading.
Remember4Me Remember4Me Aug 16, 2017
Am I the only one who read "Dad and I slept with Alpha Mike"?
You know the question u were thinking .... “ where are you mate?” ...... welllllll u r about to meet him 😱🤤😂😂
amorette_ amorette_ Mar 30, 2017
When you nod your head yes but you wanna say no what do you mean
Ruby_Wonderland Ruby_Wonderland May 01, 2017
My name is Hannah baker and if you're listening to this, you're part of the reason it happened.