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Ice Cold #Wattys2016

Ice Cold #Wattys2016

142K Reads 4.7K Votes 14 Part Story
Grey Winters By GreyWinters Completed

Zander Anarchy Black, Alpha of the Black Moon Pack, the strongest, notorious and the most biggest pack in the United Kingdom. The word black seems to surround him, his name, his pack and unfortunately his heart as well. He cares for no one, loves no one and kills with no remorse. He's ice cold.

Alexandria Rose, daughter of the Beta of the White Crescent Pack. A small but respected pack. She is the epitome of the words kind, warm and loving. Oh, and not to mention, feisty and highly trained in sarcasm and witty remarks. She hates violence and always seeks the good in people.

So what do you think fate had in mind when it decided to make these two polar opposites cross paths? She might just be the fire needed to melt the ice.



This is my first book and a work of my own effort. Please vote and comment if you like my story. I will try to update as frequently as I can because I know the wait is unbearable.Thank you.

- - Jul 24, 2016
WE HAVE THE SAME LAST NAME!!! And it's even weirder because when I have kids I want the girls name to be Alexandria...
_Elizabeth_Marie_ _Elizabeth_Marie_ Jul 05, 2016
You're book is awesome so far. You're an AMAZINg writer. Keep it up! I especially loved your description. Stay strong! Somethings people's comments can be unfair!
AdorkaBabble AdorkaBabble Oct 11, 2016
It's going down I'm yelling timber, you better dance you better move let's make a night you won't remember I'll be the one you won't forgetb
TVDLover2005 TVDLover2005 Jul 05, 2016
He copied "The Originals"!!!!!!!😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱
IG_ambigu0us IG_ambigu0us Jul 28, 2016
Oh shìt, that's his real name! I thought it was added in the description for dramatic effect.
SenpaiPeaches SenpaiPeaches Nov 26, 2016
That's pretty sad. I know that feeling too. When you have like one friend so you make friends with inanimate objects. Yeaaaa...