Seventeen Memes [completed]

Seventeen Memes [completed]

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Seventeen; 세븐틴 is a 13 member group of dorks that will ruin your life forever.

The original SEVENTEEN memes book provides daily memes, gifs and Seventeen trash for you to love Seventeen even more. 


Started on: 20.12.15
Cover by: daedreams-
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Slick beat to detag my life ah!!
                              (LOL this is when I was a junior carat and didnt know the lyrics😂)
daedreams- daedreams- Apr 05, 2017
the comments in this book make me laugh harder than my memes do.
neonbunny05 neonbunny05 Oct 16, 2017
And you're avoiding to embarass yourself so you just go with the flow HAHAHA
galaxysupernovas galaxysupernovas May 13, 2016
                              nobody will read this but:
                              i always ask my friends to go biking or hang out. i tell my parents and all then 5 minutes before i leave, ALL OF THEM CANCEL AND HAVE SOME LAME EXCUSE LIKE "oh i need to pick of leaves" IN THE SPRINGTIME. AND THEY DO THAT EVERYTIME.
mxdi_bvch mxdi_bvch Jan 14, 2017
Once u Jim-in, you can't Jim-out
                              Sorry i know it aint SVT but any ARMYs or people who get it?
mylyfiskpop mylyfiskpop May 13, 2016
Well somebody slipped into the diamond life pretty rough
                              The same happened to me tho