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Lola's dad has been acting strange ever since her mom left them. But not strange as in grieving or anger, strange as in getting a little bit too close for comfort to his 15 year old daughter..

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✖️Please do not comment hate on my story, I do not support incest, quite frankly it's disgusting, I am only writing this story because I find the concept interesting✖️

Joanna Kuchta plays Lola because I love her

DISCLAIMER: this is not a true story

cutegirl890 cutegirl890 Jun 12
Call me "late" or be "surprised" but I've never seen the actual movie or read the book....
panda-girl-ally panda-girl-ally Aug 18, 2016
My dad is kind of acting the same way just no dady kink but hes like really touchy
Otaku_Winchester Otaku_Winchester Feb 04, 2016
This is kinki but not like completely disturbing as this changing tanum one I've read this book is actually enjoyable
JisangShin JisangShin Jan 20
Damn I only got into this kinda stories of incest ... cuz of something but wow ur stories are hot
lorry146 lorry146 Dec 19, 2016
I only know lolita because of pll lol. All the theories of Alison and stuff