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Above The World (BoyxBoy)

Above The World (BoyxBoy)

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Thatonekidd18 By Thatonekidd18 Completed

Clay is a kind-hearted seventeen year old that just can't seem to win. He feels like he gets walked all over, whether it's by his parents or his long-term boyfriend Tony. All of Clay's troubles are only amplified when his parents tell him that they are moving from their San Francisco home to Portland, Oregon. Clay finds it hard to deal with his new life in Portland and only makes it harder on himself when he can't seem to keep his mouth shut. Clay meets overly-optimistic Aurora, laid back Zenan, and fun-loving Brooke who become his only real friends and help him through what he feels is his life falling to pieces. But when he meets the star quaterback, Gabriel Covarrubias, things get more intense than he could have imagined. Lies, family drama, bullies, and a love story that will tug at your heart strings.

Yes, it does. Until summer when it's a billion degrees outside😂
I live in Vancouver Washington and go to Portland all the time
is there something i'm missing that tony did? maybe he didn't answer the door because he was asleep
I want to read this but Clay is my papaw's name so it's just weird😂
MisakiTheAdorbs MisakiTheAdorbs Nov 16, 2016
there r so may  stories lik this that i read (about  gay love i mean) that begin the story with "i woke to my alarm clock..." or something lik that with the main character waking to his alarm, that i just GAVE UP.
aye_024 aye_024 Jul 09, 2016
Lmao, I can't get over the fact that he got caught jacking off and had to tell a mom he was scratching a rash 😂😂. I knew guys had it hard too, I'm pretty sure girls just overdramatize BC having to deal with that seems absolutely traumatizing.