ROOMIE (Yami&Tye)

ROOMIE (Yami&Tye)

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Lowkey_Lullaby By Lowkey_Lullaby Updated Sep 09, 2017

'Yami when you gon get you some' 

Yami Smith was losing count of how many times she heard one of her friends say that. She knew exactly what they meant when they said 'get you some' they were talking about the magic stick, the one eye dragon, the wood or to just be blunt they were talking about the DICK! One thing she was damn sure she didn't need. She just wasn't interested in getting caught up in any kind of complicated relationship or some confusing fling. In Yami's eyes there was nothing a man could give her that she didn't already give herself. Yes pleasure included! 

What she did need though was a roommate and her Brother Nico had friend who needed a favor and that is how she meets Tyrone 'mutha fuckin' Williams. The man who will prove himself to be the biggest pain in her ass! The feeling ids mutual though because Yami 'Im too good for this' Smith becomes an even bigger pain in his

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QueenRaiyaBaiya QueenRaiyaBaiya Feb 11, 2017
He Was Polite , He Even Spoke To Her First , She Just Need Some Dick 😒
jbeybey02 jbeybey02 Aug 24, 2016
Been waiting for this book to go up for so long so happy it is
PrettyGang8 PrettyGang8 Aug 27, 2016
Ok ok girl I see you. Build up that attraction between the two, yassss