Whoa.. Wait, What?!!

Whoa.. Wait, What?!!

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Angel By Skittles4Mee Updated Jan 11

My name is Gabriella Jackson. 
You can call me Gabby or Ella, whatever you please.
The least I can say about my life is that IT IS CRAZY. let's see
 Popular elder brother+ two evil little brothers+ a nerdy sweet sister+  a hormonal best friend+ a bad ass best friend+ slightly mad parents = crazy crazy drama

But what happens when you add a bad boy, a player, some pranks and a whole match making career to this equation ?....Well lets just say my life is going  to turn into a  recipe for disaster and every moment the only thing I keep repeating is "Whoa.. Wait, What?!!"

But hold on! Lets not get ahead of ourselves shall we?

Let's start from the very beginning...

AN- If you have miraculously tumbled across this book, do give it a chance.

greatbookz greatbookz Sep 04, 2016
Follow & check out my books anyone??😘😘😘😘💖💖💖
richesinfinite richesinfinite Jul 13, 2016
 #EliteClub Good job with the introduction. I like you writing style. The rules and expectation setting with the readers was also very well done. Its really sad but as authors, we must do this....so far good job, looking forward to read more
N1nja_Bacon N1nja_Bacon Aug 14, 2016
Yes! I love books like this! Where everything balances out!!
Biilllii Biilllii Jul 15, 2016
Finally i found a book which is about life, cause life happens and happens with everyone
TeenTraveler17 TeenTraveler17 Jul 27, 2016
DANG❕ Girl your just filled with Monster Energy.
                               Really enjoyed the killer laugh's !
                               And if I'm a late reads, *then deals with my professionally slow readn skills. (sarcasm)*
WillowtheWisp118 WillowtheWisp118 Aug 28, 2016
I'm a grammar freak so I'll try not to criticise and just make suggestions but it's not always that easy so sorry advance.