Whoa.. Wait, What?!!

Whoa.. Wait, What?!!

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Angel By Skittles4Mee Updated Jan 11, 2017

My name is Gabriella Jackson. 
You can call me Gabby or Ella, whatever you please.
The least I can say about my life is that IT IS CRAZY. let's see
 Popular elder brother+ two evil little brothers+ a nerdy sweet sister+  a hormonal best friend+ a bad ass best friend+ slightly mad parents = crazy crazy drama

But what happens when you add a bad boy, a player, some pranks and a whole match making career to this equation ?....Well lets just say my life is going  to turn into a  recipe for disaster and every moment the only thing I keep repeating is "Whoa.. Wait, What?!!"

But hold on! Lets not get ahead of ourselves shall we?

Let's start from the very beginning...

AN- If you have miraculously tumbled across this book, do give it a chance.

Cover credits : @Dynamicdyuti

Highest ranking - #4 in humour

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Cynthia_Heart Cynthia_Heart Aug 23, 2017
I knew that....
                              You actually have a a PLAYBOY in your life?! That LIKES you?!
                              I'm not jealous...
Mobileworm Mobileworm Nov 02, 2017
no problem, its just add too much fun it which i absolutely adore
reading4evah reading4evah Nov 15, 2017
Not a single name that i didnt know of from the cast! 😎😎
av_chloe av_chloe Apr 25, 2017
Ha lol. I AM immature. Your not the only one i hate it when people tell me to grow up. I mean seriously this is my life not your im still in highschool i have no need to grow up or be mature so ill be as childish as i like😂😂 i hope ya feel the same way
FalakAlameddine FalakAlameddine Jul 03, 2017
I need to go into my bedroom so  i loovee youu 😍😍😍👏👏
JJ_Leila JJ_Leila Apr 27, 2017
Woah.. Wait, What?!! 
                              Lol. Srry I couldn't help myself😂😂I already love this