My fair Elven Prince(BoyXBoy)

My fair Elven Prince(BoyXBoy)

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W. J. Star By whitney-star Updated Mar 29

Oh my Beautiful Elven Prince! Remember to cling to hope when, 
In the dark forest all is abandoned and lost. Remember that you alone
Are the brightest star in a many skies. Such is your beauty, you in all your ageless youth.

Thalion is the youngest son of the Elven king. In the eyes of his people he is kind, loving but also shy and reserved at times. At 120 years old they all treat him like child, after all what is 120 years to an Elf? His Father has never allowed him to leave home, Auenland which is shielded from all creatures, before. 

Arash is the oldest son of the Wolves king. He is viewed as cruel, unforgiving and just plain vicious. As the future King of the Wolves he can't be anything than that. Everyone in all the realms has heard about him and almost all of them are afraid of him. 25 years and mateless doesn't look good on a future king, but how is he supposed to find a his mate who lives in a realm no one knows how to find it?

There will be a lot going on so read to find out!! Updates are on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays/Saturdays.

DISCLAIMER: This is my first book so please go easy on me. The Elves in this story are like the ones in the Lord of the rings and The Hobbit. This is a BOYXBOY so you have been warned. This will later contain mature contents so please keep that in mind but I will warn you before that.

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As soon as I saw Wolve I was like, waaaah this is gonna be good
ChiruAntonia ChiruAntonia Apr 01, 2017
I'm excited about this one, it's been in my library for some time, i wanted to have more chapters to read 😅😳😳
PrinceDel PrinceDel Jun 15, 2016
Did his mate get injured and the injury transferred to him as well?
otayy_mama otayy_mama Aug 31, 2016
am I the only one who's going to say somethin bout his eyebrows
UniqueBabydoll16 UniqueBabydoll16 Jan 28, 2016
Pretty cool, I've been on Wattpad for about 6 months now and I haven't read an elf story that actually shows elf traditions
LoveHatesYou LoveHatesYou Jan 23, 2016
It's so refreshing to find a good fantasy story with LGBT+ characters! :3