Story of My Life [Damon and Stefan's Little Sister]

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Shelby By DamonSalvatoreLuver Updated 7 months ago
Elizabeth Daisy Salvatore's first word was "Damon." She is close to her brothers and would do anything for either of them. Everyone knows being a vampire has its ups and downs, well Elizabeth has to live as a 13 year old forever. Stefan and Damon are very protective over her, especially Damon.  This is the story of her life.
you have so many mistakes but i love the story line. maybe we can work together on one sometime :)
I love this story, I love how close she is to the Salvatore brothers :)
@Shmellykinz  oh ok sorry its just i dont know how any one cant like this story cause its awsome
@unicornglitter So? Some people might not like how Damon is  and some might idc its my opinion on the book and I didn't ask you for your comment .
@ThatVampireChick Uh cause my opinion might be different from yours and some people may not like how Damon is now and some might ,but thats my opinion and I never asked you to comment on what I think.
@Shmellykinz Well 351 People do.  It makes it more original, and we now get to see a soft side of damon, a side that many people have been longing to see.