The Dare

The Dare

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Aria Grande By YouGotReginaGeorged Updated Mar 28, 2016

"Wouldn't have done it better, princess." He grins and touched my lips softly

Meet Tiffany Harrins, a 16 year old who is that typical stereotype geek you'll see in National TV, but what's more than that? Nothing, she always hides in the shadows, she doesn't have friends nor acquaintances, she's a straight A student etc. She's an anti-social stereotype geek.

While on the otherhand, Weasley Young was the total opposite of Tiffany, he was that sexy muscular badass guy who you find on Wattpad Fanfictions everytime, he doesn't always have as high grades as Tiffany and other geeks but he makes sure he gets a C+ always, eh. He's the most popular guy in Hester High and dates the queen bee herself, Michelle Larson.

But destiny, blame it on destiny.

When Weasley gets dared to date Tiffany, as she is the school's no.1 most unacttractive girl you have ever met , will they succeed and end the dare successfully? Or will the world turn upside down and make the two fall inlove with each other?

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SyrrahRobinson SyrrahRobinson 4 days ago
Well my role is kinda popular but I still hang out with some people that is not
11Kiki28KL 11Kiki28KL Nov 14, 2016
I VOTE FOR A MICROSTER!!!!!! (Mix of a microwave and toaster) XD
clarissak123 clarissak123 Mar 21, 2016
Thank u for being nice... I get bullied. Inspiring. #Respect
11Kiki28KL 11Kiki28KL Nov 14, 2016
So she doesn't even know about the dare?...... daym this gurl really is anti-social. Oh and just call her a bish for petes sakes!!!! It's much shorter than female dog and ..... ya....
Staciluvskitkats Staciluvskitkats Jun 16, 2016
So far I like it was little lost on who Martin and Luke was a re they the friends of her brother and sister?
Anti_dote Anti_dote May 20, 2016
Why don't u say bitch instead... I mean it so better with them although they're the same meaning