You Don't Have To Say I Love You To Say I Love You. *COMPLETED*

You Don't Have To Say I Love You To Say I Love You. *COMPLETED*

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"Connor?" I called as I walked into my best friends apartment. I could hear someone crying, I hope he is okay.

I knocked on the bathroom door gently being careful not to startle him.

"Connor, is that you?" Im worried about him. I haven't heard Connor cry in maybe 4-5 months, he has seemed so happy since I arrived in LA a few weeks ago.

"Go away Troye." Connor sobbed.

"Connor whats wrong? I want to help you." I begged.

"I can't tell you Troye" He sniffled.

Why couldn't he tell me? I'm his best friend he has told me everything before now.

The bathroom door opened slightly, Connors eye peeping through. Opening the door more I opened my arms wide enough so we could hug.

He still looks cute when he cries...

Troye you can't say that he's straight.

"Why can't you tell me Con? I'm your best friend and we tell each other everything." I said burying my face in his hair.

"I would tell you but I'm scared." He said muffled by my hoodie.

"do you want to go to bed? we can talk when you wake up" I asked.

He nodded. I untangled myself from Connors grip, Walked across his apartment to his room with a sluggish Connor behind me. I lifted the covers and let Connor climb in.

"Now go to sleep, you need it." I whispered then left the room.

tronlerschildd tronlerschildd Aug 20, 2016
Ha ha um honey he's as straight as a pole that's been rammed in too a million times