Little Miss Perfect (Harry Styles AU)

Little Miss Perfect (Harry Styles AU)

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What happens when Little Miss Perfect loses her cool?

This story contains explicit sexual references and themes pertaining to mental illness, including cutting, eating disorder, anxiety and depression. 

You have been warned. 

Read at your own risk.

I don't know my bra size 😞 it's probably like some fücking extra large size cuz my chiitas are huuuuggge😂lol jk im like medium I only wear sports bras so I don't know bout this b-cup shiz
OH MY FÛCK ITS SEPTEMBER 9TH SOMETHING BADS GONNA HAPPEN I 10 DAYS... to  me probably tho nothing new😯😂
Sounds like me... I can't stand the good girls at school except I'd never even look at any girls boyfriend I'm  socially awkward and hate the company of most people especially guys... So yh😂
Reading the cast, the fact that mgk AND Harry are in the same book, has my mind spinning. My two loves, together lol even tho I have no clue how this will be. That being said, I've read the first few pages and I'm already hooked.
She's gona explode . I  would too 😞 I ain't good under pressure
Hazzahoo94 Hazzahoo94 Dec 30, 2015
Hoo whee!  This sounds as though it will be a bit different.