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Abduction (boyxboyxboy) (2016 Remake)

Abduction (boyxboyxboy) (2016 Remake)

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Love me, hate me. By Xlove_is_loveX Updated May 07, 2016

~* Previously written on my old account, Xhands_on_meX, we bring you a remake of my first and most popular book: Abduction. Freshly written, a differed plot, new scenarios, more chapters, and even a new character! 

This wasn't done alone, thanks to my best friend and sister,  SeikaPhoenix. This was written with, and for her, as a Christmas present! We both proudly bring to you this fresh new read, and hope you enjoy it. Happy fapping!~*


"Zachary," he whispered against my ear. His cool breath fanned across my hot, flushed skin, making me shiver and quiver where I stood. "Y-yes?"

"You're mine. You know that, right?"

"Y-yours?" I stuttered nervously. What did he mean by that?

"Yes. You're mine. Mine to do with what I please," he bit my earlobe, causing a whimper to escape my lips, "when I please."


Fifteen year-old Zachary Martins figured he was pretty normal; save for being in love with his older brother. Constantly having nightmares of werewolves and vampires didn't help much either. But hey, why not roll with it? Life couldn't get any weirder, right?


Zachary never thought that spending an annual few days home alone could result in being confronted by two, incredibly hot psycho-stalkers, an attempted kidnapping, and more than enough family secrets to keep him sated for the rest of his life. .

But, hey. . .when in Rome, right?

(Written by SeikaPhoenix and Xlove_is_loveX <3)

blueh-42 blueh-42 5 days ago
XD I don't fall.. I just trip and bump into people--but those people don't catch me ;-;
lovelyotakulove lovelyotakulove 5 days ago
scndstarr scndstarr 2 days ago
And after 2 months I finally found it!! İ Was so obsessed with this book omg
JayshiaMadames JayshiaMadames Dec 18, 2016
She's a dwarf. Compared to all of the incredibly tall men around her... Not including our main guy whom I can't seem to recall the name of.
thebandiegirl thebandiegirl Jan 29, 2016
This was one of my favorite stories and I'm so excited for it to be coming back. I can not wait. *excited puppy jump*
Nigga u be talking like yo ass is SHORT!!😠.. Am 5'2😒.....AND U DON'T SEE ME COMPLAINING😡, ABOUT IT,  as I said,  5'2, sigh😪.. 😞😞😞 SUCKS! 😈😭😭