The Godess And The Guardian

The Godess And The Guardian

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Like i said im going to rewrite this book well wat i hav started anyways. This is goin to be a pertemis fanfic. Also ill try to update when i can also myy grammar might not be the best

Percy pov

Why did she do it? With my own brother! I gave her my heart and all of my love and she threw it away. Just thinkin abt it makes my heart shatter


Life was amazin, i couldnt be happier. After Gaea was defeated monsters attacked us less often. Fran Hazel Jason and Piper decided to go back to camp jupiter. Leo went missing and i have a feeling hes searchin for Calypso. I even hav a little brother. He's a year younger then me. His eyes are dark green his hair is a light brown hes a bit paler then me and i have more muscles then him. He has a good sense of humor tho so thts awesome. Annabeth and I are still datin. In fact i was plannin on proposin to her. The ring i made was perfect, it was silver and had a big sea green stone...

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I don't want to be rude but... LEARN TO TYPE PROPERLY!!!! PLEASE I BEG!